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Model No : MS55
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MS53, MS55, MS67, MS68     

Mounting spoilers, long side mountingbracket for solar panel on caravan

Here is 530mm long, 550mm long, 670mmlong, 680mm long,

The bracket exactly match the solarpanel widths, it is for maximum solar panel wide up to 680mm.

It is new version, black and white optional,ideal for caravan, RVs, gardens and holiday houses,

Design for overcome the resistance ofthe air, design with more lighter weight of bracket to save energy for caravan,design with more bottom area of bracket to get more strong stick.

The bracket are glued on the caravanroof with special adhesive, the solar panel are connected to the spoiler byusing screws.


High-quality special plastic material


100% recyclable

Screws included

Packing including:

2pcs side bracket and 8pcs or 10pcs self-tappingscrew.

Size: 530x110x65mm, 550x110x65mm,670x110x65mm, 680x110x65mm