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Model No : PS100EF
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Product Description:

High efficiency solar module

Get smaller size than normal solar module, so that save occupy space

Customized acceptable

Special connection method lowers hot spot effect and internal resistance by shingle tech, ensure stability

Reduce the impact of hidden cracks

Beautiful appearance, no solder bars and grid lines

Can be stepped on with soft soled shoes

Hail-resistant, salt-water resistant


High efficiency monocrystalline solar cell

Tough and antislip ETFE, UV proof

Laminated for weather resistance

IP67 junction box with MC4 cable, or 1.4mm thin flat cable output.

Bypass diodes integrated in junction box


Roof, caravan, RV, motorhome, yacht

- 5 years Manufacturer Warranty.

- Warranty on Electrical Performance: 25 years 80% of power output.

Model No.PS100EF
Peak Power(Pmax)100W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)22V
Maximum Power Current(Imp)4.55A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)26V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)4.86A
Cells Efficiency(﹪)21.40
Module Efficiency(﹪)17.20
Maximum System Voltage(V)100V
Power Tolerance0~+3﹪
Operating and Storage Temperature(℃)   -20~+65
Standard Test Condition(STC)1000W/㎡;AM 1.5;25℃
Weight 2.5kgs
Solar cellMonocrystalline
Surface materialETFE
Junction boxIP67
Connect typeMC4
Packagesingle carton