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Product Detail
Model No : SC-6
More Information

1) Electron beam cross-linked materials do not melt or flow, even at high temperature, high resistance against heat, cold, abrasion, UV, ozone and hydrolyses.

2) These cables provide the means to interconnect between photovoltaic(PV) panels and from panels to the inverter.

3) They operate at DC voltage and provide long life in exposed conditions.

Applied to   solar panels for power generation and related components of the wiring,

connection, particularly suitable for outdoor . Resistance to sunlight, antiaging , Using the low smoke halogen-free flame retardant materials, higher grade, more safety

TUV and UL certificate

Conductor: tinned copper 84x0.3mm

Insulation: XLPO material and thickness:0.8mm

Jacket: XLPO material

Outer diameter: 7.05±0.2mm

Standard: TUV 2PfG 1169 08.07

Rated voltage: AC0.6/1.0KV, DC1.8KV

Rated current:70A

Ambient temperature: -40~90°C

The expected period of use: 25years

Flame rated: IEC60332-1-2

Conductor dc resistance: ≤3.39Ω/km

Voltage test: 6.5 kV/5min No breakdown