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Model No : PSC150D
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Product description:

For campers, caravans and boats. The solar controller is a special development for use in campers and caravans, and it is suitable for all types and makes of lead batteries (also for acid, GEL/dryfit, AGM/fleece batteries, as well as LiFePO4 batteries)


Optional LCD Remote meter, you can monitor the charging parameter visual.

Automatic recognize 12V or 24V system.

The Charging percentages for each battery can be set manually if required.

PWM charging, high precision temperature compensation

Over charging, short-circuit, reverse polarity & reverse current to PV Protection

Technical data

Nominal Operating Voltage12V/24V
Capacity Solar Module max.150W
Current Solar Moddule max.10A
Voltage Solar Module max.30V
Charging Current Batt. I / II maxset the percentage you want
Battery Type adjustableAcid/Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
Current Consumption Stand-by0.004A
Overcharge Protectionyes
Reverse Current Protectionyes
Number of Charging Ports2
Protection against Overload, Overtemperature, Short-circuityes
Connection for Temperature Sensoryes
Compensation of voltage loss on charging cablesyes
Connection for remote meteryes
Signal Output for Display Solar Charging Current Batteryyes