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Model No : PSC165DM
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MPPT Dual battery solar controller

MPP Solar Controller for high-qualitycampers, caravans and boats.

Controllers according to the MPP technologyare continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) ofthe solar modules several times per minute. The voltage surplus of the solarmodule will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery(realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with highefficiency). This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times andthe best possible power yield of the solar system. Working fully automaticallyand maintenance-free.


1. Increased MPP charging current comparedwith conventional controllers, due to ultramodern controller technology(microprocessor) by 10 to 30 % (efficiency > 95 %)

2. Switchable characteristic lines ofcharging for optimum charging of Gel/dryfit/AGM/fleece or acid/lead-acid, aswell as LiFePO4 batteries .

3. Two Battery Charging Ports: Automaticcharging of the main battery or board battery (Board I): Support charging andtrickle charging (max. 1 A) of the vehicle's starter battery (Start II) withovercharge protection

4. Unattended Charging: Standard protectionagainst overload, overheating, reverse battery and back discharge of thebattery (in case of insufficient solar power, such as at twilight, at nightetc.).

5. Overcharge protection: Reduction of the charging current of thebattery in case of excessive solar power and full battery. Immediate rechargingin case of power consumption to ensure always the best possible charging stateof the battery.

6. Connection for temperature sensor, Automaticadaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature. In case of lowoutside temperatures, full charging of the weaker battery is improved, and incase of summery temperatures unnecessary battery gassing will be avoided.

Nominal Operating Voltage12V
Capacity Solar Module max.165W
Current Solar Moddule max.10A
Voltage Solar Module max. (Voc)50V
Charging Current Batt. I / II max12A/1A
Battery Type adjustableAcid/Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
Current Consumption Stand-by0.008A-0.016A
Overcharge Protectionyes
Reverse Current Protectionyes
Number of Charging Ports2
Protection against Overload,   Overtemperature, Short-circuityes
Connection for Temperature Sensoryes
Compensation of voltage loss on charging   cablesyes
Connection for remote meteryes
Signal Output for Display Solar Charging   Current Batteryyes