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Model No : PS100EP
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The portable solar module with handle offers a wide range of options for generating and using energy. Even without a charge controller, it is possible to charge small mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, or even a digital camera.

Of course, it is also charge to power station with controller, here is 5.5x2.5 and XT60 output.

It is light and easy to carry.


High efficiency solar module

Special connection method lowers hot spot effect and internal resistance by shingle tech, ensure stability

Optimized performance under low light conditions

ETFE surface material

Handle for carry easily

Bracket for absorb sunshine

Kinds of DC output


As solar module, it can charge to power station, also can be charge to your electrical product directly when you are traveling.

Also it is for your home, motorhome, caravan, yacht.

Model No.PS100EP
Peak Power(Pmax)100W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)18.7V
Maximum Power Current(Imp)5.35A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)22.1V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)5.86A
Cells Efficiency(﹪)22.00
Module Efficiency(﹪)17.50
Power Tolerance0~+3﹪
Operating and Storage Temperature(℃)   -20~+65
Standard Test Condition(STC)1000W/㎡;AM 1.5;25℃
Solar cellMonocrystalline
Surface materialETFE
Output (DC)5.5*2.5 DC female18.7V/5A(max)
Expanded Dimension1210*565*3mm
Folded Dimensions600*565*40mm
Packagesingle carton