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Potted PWM Solar Controllers

Peak Design Tech! potted Solar Controllers regulates current flow from the solar panels to the battery and prevents overcharging to optimize battery lifespan. With a weather resistant enclosure, controllers are compatible with 12 and 24 volt battery banks.
60-Watt  Solar Panel

High efficiency monocrystalline solar cell Tough and antislip ETFE, UV proof Laminated for weather resistance IP67 junction box with MC4 cable, or 1.4mm thin flat cable output. Bypass diodes integrated in junction box Application: Roof / caravan /  RV / motorhome / yacht
Peak Design Tech Power Bank

Peak Design Tech power bank has three ways to get power. It can be recharged by solar panel, car, and home electricity with provided ac adapter. Our power bank has multiple outputs. It supports any output electric devices with its dual AC output 110V or 220V.
Peak Design Tech power bank  can be used for any electric devices charging such as medical equipment, emergency relief, outdoor activities, UAV drone battery, self-drive travelling, family backup power, lighting, military etc.

Unplug and go-off grid. Charge your batteries anywhere the sun is shining with Peak Design Tech solar kits. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a boondocking full-timer, Peak Design Tech! solar kits, inverters, chargers, and batteries are the leading choice for dependable power, wherever your adventures take you.

Why Choose Solar ?

A radiant energy generated by the sun is solar energy, harnessed by the use of various technologies such as photovoltaic cells, solar heating, solar architecture, solar thermal energy, and others. It is an effective source of unconventional energy and a convenient sustainable solution for rising greenhouse and global warming emissions. Solar energy is used for the production of solar electricity. Solar energy is used in a number of ways such as heating water and cooking, generating electricity, etc. The traditional solar cells are manufactured from silicon while second-generation solar cells are made from amorphous silicon which is also called a thin-film solar cell.

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